Triathlete Training Podcast with Eric Schwartz

South African Richard Murray is in the midst of a successful ITU career and in 2016 he finished 4th in the Olympics. We talk about his career in triathlon and the path that led him to where he is today.

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Jay Dicharry offered some fantastic knowledge in this interview.  He is an expert in many things and also an author.  His website describes him better than I could:

Running Rewired by Jay Dicharry

Running Rewired by Jay Dicharry

“Originally from New Orleans LA, Jay completed the Masters of Physical Therapy degree at Louisiana State University Medical Center and is a Board- Certified Sports Clinical Specialist. Jay built his international reputation as an expert in biomechanical analysis as Director of the SPEED Clinic at the University of Virginia. Through this innovative venture, Jay was able to blend the fields of clinical practice and engineering to better understand and eliminate the cause of overuse injuries in endurance athletes. His unique approach goes outside the traditional model of therapy and aims to correct imbalances before they affect your performance. Jay literally wrote the book on running gait assessments: he is author of “Anatomy for Runners”, writes columns for numerous magazines, and has published over a dozen professional journal articles and three book chapters. Jay has had an active research career, and consults for numerous footwear companies, the US Air Force and USA Track and Field. His research focus on footwear and the causative factors driving overuse injury continues at Rebound, and he’ll provide its patients with an unmatched level of innovation and success. Having taught in the Sports Medicine program at UVA, he brings a strong bias towards patient education, and continues to teach nationally to elevate the standard of care for Therapists, Physicians, and Coaches working with endurance athletes. In addition to his clinical distinction, Jay is a certified coach through both the United States Track and Field Association and the United States Cycling Federation, and a certified Golf Fitness Instructor through Titleist Performance Institute. He has a competitive history in swimming, triathlon, cycling, and running events on both the local and national level, and has coached athletes from local standouts to national medalists. He is excited to share this passion with the team at Rebound, and explore the Pacific Northwest with his family on knobbies, skis, boards, and soles.”

His website is and you can visit his lab in Bend, Oregon.

His latest book is Running Rewired from Velo Press.

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Hillary Spires returns to the show to talk about her 100 mile run challenge.  I discuss how the Apple Watch has changed my life. 

Dan Linick, co-founder of South Jersey Physical Therapist, is my guest.  Dan is also my physical therapist and has helped my running significantly.  

We discuss his background as a physical therapist, some common problems that he's seen, and some issues I've had.  We also talked about his previous work in brain rehab and how to help an older friend or relative who might benefit from visiting a physical therapist. 

Dan's clinic is located in Hainesport, New Jersey and at

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Matt Dixon has experience as a professional athlete, coach to elite and amateur athletes, an exercise physiologist, and an author. His newest book is Fast-Track Triathlete.  This book is geared toward athletes who want to maximize their success with limited time to train.  The book explains his concepts and includes a 14 week training plan for both Ironman and Half Ironman as well as a strength plan that can be completed without visiting the gym.  

We talk about the book in the second half of our interview.  In the first half we focus on off-season training.  

Matt was also a guest on episode 33.  

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Zach Boivin went to watch a friend race Ironman Lake Placid in 2015.  At the time he weighed 330 pounds and was not active.  He was inspired watching the finishers that night and the next day he decided he was going to do a triathlon.  

He thought all triathlons were Ironman distance. Fortunately, he realized there were shorter races and he signed up for Ironman 70.3 Syracuse the following year.  In 2017 he attempted his first Ironman at Lake Placid.  

This is his life changing journey that starts with running his first step and then two years later hearing Mike Reilly say "You Are An Ironman!"

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Courtney Sergeant joins the show as she prepares for her first half ironman at Atlantic City 70.3. She did her first triathlon in 2014 and has marathon experience.

Among the topics we discuss:

  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Salt tablets
  • Transition
  • Massages
  • Preparing for the run on limited run training
  • Post-race recovery
  • Pacing
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Billy Edwards returns to the show to talk about his experiences since winning Ultraman Florida in 2015.  He completed the Ultraman World Championships later that year and has since cut back on his racing since having surgery on his toe.  However, he is busy in the sport as a coach of the Naval Academy collegiate triathlon team that finished third at the 2017 Collegiate National Championships.

He was one of a few coaches selected for USAT's Elite Mentorship Coaching program and he recently observed a training camp for the collegiate recruiting program. We talk about all this and a few other random triathlon topics.

Billy was a guest on episode 52 talking about his Ultraman Florida experience. 

Billy's website is at

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The Brave Athlete is a new book by Dr. Simon Marshall and Lesley Patterson covering cutting-edge brain training for athletes.  Lesley is a professional triathlete and mountain biker. Her resume includes a few Xterra World Championships titles.  

Dr. Simon Marshall is a former Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine at the University of California at San Diego and Professor of Exercise Science at San Diego State University.  He has published over 100 scientific articles on the psychology of exercise.  He now provides performance psychology support for the BMC Racing Team.

We talk about their new book, Lesley's experiences, and mental tricks to improve performance.

You can reach them at

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Phil Gaimon was a pro cyclist from 2009 to 2016, including two years on the WorldTour with Garmin Sharp and Cannondale.  He’s done Paris Roubaix, won Redlands twice, and finished second at the Tour of the Gila.

He just retired last year, as he put it, after Jonathan vaughters stopped returning his phone calls. Even though he's retired he’s still going after hill climb records in North America. He's also putting on Grand Fondo in Malibu in October and he is  the author of three books.

We talk about his life as a pro cyclist, doping in the sport, what it's like to be in an early break at Paris Roubaix, peeing on the bike, cookies, and more.  You'll like Phil's stories.

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Justin Mendoza didn't know much about triathlon until he saw Craig Alexander's 50 minute Aussies Abroad video on Youtube.  Then he knew he triathlon was what he wanted to do.  He had recently transitioned out of Motocross racing after some serious accidents and four weeks after watching the video he did an Olympic distance triathlon near his home in North California.  

He now lives in Colorado Springs and races primarily races Olympic and half ironman distance triathlons with the hopes of getting his pro license.  We talk about his journey.

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Alicia Caldwell has been racing triathlons for 20 years.  In 2016 she won her first US Age Group National Championship.  

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Wes Hobson was one of the top triathletes of the 1990s.  He turned pro in 1990 and retired in 2001.  In his second year as a pro he was competing with and sometimes beating the Big Four: Mark Allen, Dave Scott, Scott Molina, and Mike Pigg.  During his career he was named Triathlete of the Year by the United States Olympic Committee, won 35 races, and was the first American to win an ITU World Cup Triathlon.  

He talked about transitioning into the sport from collegiate swimming to racing with the fastest triathletes in the world.  Along the way he dealt with chronic fatigue and going through a nine month period in 1997  where he could barely train.  This was preceded by an 8 week period of high volume and an absurd amount of high intensity training.   In a period of 2-3  weeks he suddenly came out of it.  He got coaching from Joe Friel and was a contender to qualify for the US Olympic team in 2000 but missed out.

He retired in 2001 but since then has kept busy with many different business pursuits, including a very successful career in real estate in Boulder.  He talks about that transition and how continuously following his passion has led to success and fulfillment.

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Eric reviews his running career and lessons learned along the way plus important habits that lead to success. 

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Total Immersion founder Terry Laughlin talks about TI swimming, his career in the sport, his swimming philosophy, writing about financial risk, and more.

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Jeff Pack is in his 40s and he has only been started competing in endurance events three years ago.  He recently completed an Olympic distance triathlon in the Galapagos Islands and he followed it up with a half ironman distance race in Paracas, Peru.  

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Elizabeth and Nate Sylves have been racing together as a couple for over a decade.  This year she did her first Ironman (Florida) and he did his first half ironman (North Carolina).  They combine training and racing with full time jobs while raising two young kids.

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Joe Friel totally revamped the Triathlete's Training Bible, the top selling triathlon book of all time. We talk about the significant updates he made to the book.

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Colin Pugh had what could have been a fatal outcome after a 70.3 Half Ironman triathlon.  He drank too much water after the race and ended up in a car accident and the hospital.  Hydration Andy Blow joins the podcast to give his take on Colin's experience.  

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Former elite triathlete Andy Blow struggled in hot races.  He cramped and had to figure out a solution.  He retired from triathlons in 2006 but that problem led to his post-racing career.  He is the founder of Precision Hydration and has become an expert on hydration.   In addition to endurance athletes he’s worked with NBA, NFL, and professional soccer teams.

Regardless of what you already know about hydration, you will learn more during this interview.

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Cody Beals details his training, nutrition, challenges, finances as a top 70.3 pro.

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Joanna Zeiger, the 4th place finisher at the 2000 Olympics, discusses the 2016 Olympic triathlon, her Olympic experience, her extensive racing career, and more. 

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Justin follows up on his progress two years after we least talked to him.

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Hillary Spires makes a third appearrance. She dramatically reduced her run times after training for MMA.  She ran very little but used high intensity and a ketogenic diet to get leaner and faster. 

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Kate Maas prepares for her first sprint triathlon in Switzerland

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Chris Kelly, founder of, joins the show in a wide ranging discussion on health. 

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • iron overload in men
  • sleep
  • cortisol levels
  • diet
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Coach Jim Vance talks about his latest triathlon book. 

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Weston Titus takes on his first half ironman at Oceanside 70.3 with a goal of finishing in under 7 hours. 

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George Dallam returns to discuss his latest studies.  George was a popular guest on episodes 3, 4, and 25.  This time we talk about how mobility might improve running speed and also the Alexander Technique


Joe Maloy is currently 2nd in the point standings to qualify for the 2016 United States Men's Olympic team. There is just one more qualifying race at which to earn points and that's the ITU WTS event in Yokohama, Japan May 14. Joe, age 30, talks about his path in triathlon and his current training base in Poway, California.

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Shane Niemeyer's life was not headed in the right direction.  He committed crimes and used drugs and spent time in jail and prison.  While in prison he read an article about Dave Scott and triathlon became his new passion.  This is his story. 

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Eric covers some of the major mistakes he made during his racing career

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Tiff Pfluger was a runner. She thought triathletes were crazy even as her husband got into the sport. She went to volunteer at race Ironman Lake Placid in 2014 and decided that maybe triathletes weren't crazy. She signed up for Ironman Lake Placid the next day and did the race one year later.

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Hilary Spires tackles Ironman Canada in her first year racing triathlons

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Age group triathlete Uri from Switzerland is the guest and he asks a wide range of questions related to triathlon.  Uri is a 40 year old triathlete in his first year of racing with plans to do his first Ironman in 2016.

He asks if Ironman racing is good for you, how not to be overly competitive with friends, swim training questions, how much to rely on training data, and more.


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Allan MacKenzie shares his heat related experiences from Ironman Lake Placid and Ironman Mont-Tremblant.  We discuss hydration and heat preparation. 

Brad Williams chronicles his career from his first triathlon in 2008 to his first year as a pro in 2015. 

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Gerry Duffy shares his epic endurance experience and talks about goal setting.  

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Will and two running partners attempt to break their own record for crossing Death Valley. The record is 4.5 days and they are shooting for 3.5 days. Do they make it?

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Coach Jim Vance returns to the show to talk about results from a published Ironman Hawaii pacing study and his recent experience as a high school swim coach. 

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This episode is all me (Eric).  I go over my lessons learned from 4 Ironmans: Ironman Hawaii in 1999, 2001, and 2003 and Ironman Wisconsin in 2004.  My times ranged from 9:19 to 10:43.

I took detailed notes from a few of those races and I have current day thoughts on the mistakes I made.

If you're looking for other Ironman focused episodes check out 15, 16, 31, 39, 45, 49, and 51.

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Victor Plata, a 2004 triathlon Olympian for the United States, is the guest in the first half of this episode.  Victor retired in 2011 and we look back at his career, catch up with his post-triathlon life, and he provides wisdom useful to all triathletes.  

Todd Carver of Retul and Scott Holtz of Specialized are the guests for the second half of the show.  Todd, also the guest on episode 10, is an expert bike fitter and founder of the bike fitting company Retul.  Scott is a former bike fitter and works for Specialized as the head of the Specialized Bicycle Component University and Dealer Education.  

Getting the most out of your power meter when racing using the software at 

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Garrett Rock talks about blood test results and a first year triathlete talks about her first Olympic distance triathlon as she prepares for her first Ironman. 

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Hunter Allen is a pioneer in the cycling world.  He co-founded TrainingPeaks WKO+ power data analytics software and he’s the founder of Peaks Coaching Group.  He’s also the co-author of Training & Racing With A Power Meter and Cutting-Edge Cycling.  He raced bikes for 17 years, and including several years as a pro. We talk cadence, base phase workouts, mistakes athletes make, the wobble, and more. 

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Michael Welk did his first Ironman in 2014 at Ironman Louisville at age 42.. His previous experience included a couple sprint triathlons 
several years ago, and just one sprint triathlon in 2014 leading up to his Ironman.  We talk about his progress and experience from November 2013, when he signed up for the race, through race day.

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Joe Friel recently released another book, Fast After 50.  It’s geared to all athletes training and competing after age 50.  Most, but not all, of the interview is centered around the book, but there is much in here that will apply to all triathletes.  Topics discussed include sleep, high intensity training, recovery, and items listed below.  Joe also gives some insight into his research process.

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Bob changed his diet and exercise after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002.  He got into active cycling 5 years ago and had a solid cycling base.  He did his first triathlon in 2012, and this is his story. 

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I talk running with Pete Pfitzinger.  In addition to competing in two Olympics, Pete is an exercsie physiologist and he has many years coaching experience with both runners and triathletes.  Pete's latest book is Faster Road Racing: 5k to Half Marathon.

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Candian Brent McMahon discusses his transition to the Ironman distance and his strategy in his first Ironman, where he went 7:55. 

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This interview was one of the most intriguing I've done.  We cover basic and technical running topics in a clearly explained format.  If your first run was last week, or you are an Ironman champion,  this episode has something for you. It's also a good follow up to episode 43.

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Defining the tempo run and a conversation about zero drop shoes from Altra founder Golden Harper

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TT042: Augusta 70.3 Half Ironman Part 2

In a follow-up to episode 41, I get the half ironman post-race report from Trish Roberts.  She planned well and finished faster than expected.  

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TT041: My Ninth Triathlon Is My First Half Ironman Part 1 of 2

Part 1 of 2 as Trish Roberts asks questions in preparation for her first half ironman, which is Augusta 70.3.  We cover long runs, nutrition, pacing, bike comfort, wetsuits, and more.  

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Sheila Taormina shares triathlon swimming tips and what she learned in creating her new book "Swim Speed Strodes".

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It took Justin Daerr 29 attempts to win his first Ironman.  His victory came in his hometown of Boulder on August 3, 2014.  Justin's progression has been slow and steady, backed by intelligent training and planning.

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Tony Ruales is a second year triathlete preparing for his first half ironman.  He asks some pertinent but unique training questions which haven't been covered on previous podcasts.

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PhD Micah Zuhl shares research on using glutamine to reduce GI distress, high intesntiy interval training, and performance benefits of heat acclimation. 

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Chuck Wolf gives a whole view of the body and how it is connected in relation to strength, flexibility, and injuries. 

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Matt Dixon, author of "The Well-Built Triathlete", talks about his coaching principles. 

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Followup to episode 33: Rodrigo Chaves returns for a post race interview after his first half ironman.  He talks about what he learned while training for and racing in the Syracuse 70.3 Half Ironman. 

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Triathlete Rodrigo Chaves is preparing for his first half ironman (Syracuse 70.3) and we go through a list of his questions. In episode 34 I do a post-race follow-up and we discuss his race.  

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Ben Sharp talks about the Stages Power Meter.  Plus, the possible benefits of sauna use, and maybe a little bit more about minimalist shoes.  

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Dan Dungan shares experiences from Ironman Texas and a 15 year journey to qualify for Ironman Hawaii. 

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I take this podcast solo and talk Vibrams, more heat acclimation, Ironman Boulder history, intensity factor for different distances, and an Andrew Starykowicz update. 

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David Ripley of Zipp talks aerodynamics. Plus the Vibram FiveFingers study and lawsuit. 

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I answer half ironman training questions from second year triathlete Shawn Deal regarding adding run intensity, volume, race day nutrition, doing an Ironman, and more.

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Dietitian, author, & accomplished triathlete/runner Kim Mueller provides guidance on supplements, diet, weight loss, sodium, race nutrition, and more.  Kim is the author of "The Athlete's Guide to Sports Supplements" from Human Kinetics. 

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TT026: Training Questions - Run Intensity, Diet, Wetsuit, Crossfit, etc.

First year triathlete Ryan Lewis joins the show and asks questions about open water swim drills, aerobars, zero drop shoes, nutrition while training, wetsuits, and more. 

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George Dallam returns to the show and shares tips for acclimating to warm weather racing and other heat related training suggestions.   

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Susan McNamee attempted her first triathlon at age 61 and attempted Ironman Wisconsin in her first year racing. This is her story. 

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An interview with Garret Rock, who does blood test analysis and works with some of the top triathletes in the world. 

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TT022: Training Questions Answered

I answer questions regarding low heart rate training, when to do a first Ironman, swim testing, training races, and more. Anchorage based triathlete Tim Conrad is my guest. 

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First year triathlete Randy Messman comes on the show and ask some questions he has as a first year triathlete.  

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Mat Steimetz discusses his work with several top Ironman athletes, plus crank length, cadence, and more.  

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In a 4 week span Andrew Starykowicz led off the bike at Ironman Hawaii, went 7:55 at Ironman Florida (2nd) with a 4:02 bike split, and won the Rev 3 Half in 3:47. 

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I interview Jim Gourley, the author of "Faster: Demystifying the Science of Triathlon Speed". He discusses ways to gain free speed by being smarter. 

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Nutrition expert Bob Seebohar covers a wide range of training and racing nutrition topics. 

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Coach Jim Vance discusess Ironman pacing & Luke McKenzie's cycling from the 2013 Ironman Hawaii.

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An interview with former pro triathlete Gordo Byrn, co-author of Going Long, and a 7 time sub-9 hour Ironman finisher.  We talk training, pacing, nutrition & hydration. Gordo also explains why he didn't get a VO2 max text early in his career. 

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TT014: Danish Ironman Triathlete Torbjørn Sindballe On Training To Burn Fat

Former Triathlon World Champion and Ironman Hawaii bike record holder Torbjørn Sindballe discusses his experimentation with Paleo, high fat, and zero calorie training to increase his fat burning ability for long distance racing.

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Kevin Koskella of the Tri Swim Coach podcast covers swim tips for intermediate, advanced, and beginning swimmers. 

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TT012: Dave Scott Interview

Six time Ironman Hawaii winner Dave Scott talks about Ironman training and nutrition.  He also discusses his recent race, the possibility of doing another Ironman, and coaching pro athletes.

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An interview with ultrarunner Will Laughlin as he talks about lessons learned on his 300 mile Mojave Desert expedition in July heat.  

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I talk with expert bike fitter Todd Carver, cofounder of Retul.  We discuss common bike fit mistakes and trends in bike position and equipment.  I cover cramping and a key bike workout for the final 8 weeks before your goal race.

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In Triathlete Training Podcast Episode 9 hear part 2 of Joe Friel's interview.   He talks about the biggest mistake swimmers make (death move), ageing and performance, his coaching career, and his contributions to the sport.  

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Triathlete Training Podcast episode 8 includes part one of my interview with Joe Friel. We discuss his views on the paleo diet, consistency, zone 3 intensity, and the key to periodization. 

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I interview Michael Folan of Infinit Nutrition and discuss race day and training nutrition, common mistakes, and differences in short distance vs long distance nutrition.  His website is

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In episode 6 of the Triathlete Training Podcast I talk about how it might be easier than you think to qualify for the World Championshiops.  I also talk to Jason Smith of about how to gain free speed on the bike.